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Do you have chronic pain? Shoulders and neck that always feel tight and restricted no matter how much stretching you do? Constant headaches? Do you have difficulty sleeping or feel constantly stressed by the demands of home, work, family, school?

I can help!

Every massage begins with a detailed discussion of what your current issues are and what you’d like to get out of the session. I pride myself on my ability to really listen and understand what's going on with your body so that I can determine with you the best way of achieving your goals.

While of course you can request a massage that's purely Swedish (or deep tissue, or myofascial release), I have found that the best results come from combining techniques and therapies to give you a massage that is perfectly customized to your particular needs for that session. Your integrated massage might also include the use of heat and/or ice, a castor oil pack, CBD oils, reflexology or cupping. Personalized organic aromatherapy blends are available too. I always encourage you to augment the healing work of the session in between visits so might give you advice on stretching and postural habits or give you a rubber ball you can take home to work on your trigger points and tight spots.

Clean, comfortable & spacious

Integrated therapeutic massage


Infant & pediatric massage

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