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Absolutely the best massage I have ever received! There is something about going to someone who doesn’t rush you, zero store noise and just private pampering with the attention on you and you alone! Linda is the knot whisperer. First of all the room is calming and zen, clean and the massage bed is heated and super comfortable, she propped me up with heated elements on my shoulders and under my legs, as she took her time and went over every inch of my body front and back on her knot finding mission. Her hand pressure and technique was perfect, I easily drifted off to drooly land and was so in awe the whole time as I felt my stress lift and go away. Incredible!

Nanci S

I don't have hot coals in my shoulder for the first time in a long time. Thank you so much Linda - you are such a wonderful and gifted person and therapist. The work you did on me yesterday has worked wonders!!!!

Jane C

I regularly have a treatment with Linda. I am a former professional massage therapist and pretty choosy about who I like to massage me. Linda is highly competent and is trained in many different, but complementary types of massage which makes for a very thorough, appropriate treatment. It is a beautiful relaxing treatment room and Linda’s professional manner is welcoming, empathetic and intelligent. Definitely recommend and it is a very competitive price.

Jill C

I thought I would be sore today where you did the myofascial work but not at all. This is the first time I've had such a huge relief from back and neck pain in a few months. Your technique is so gentle and yet so strong and powerful without being invasive or painful. Your combined approach is very unique and highly effective. There's an amazing improvement after 1 session. I'm delighted...I feel so good after it! Thank you Linda.

Sharon O

Linda artfully and attentively listens and attends to my body's story. In doing so, she brings my body back home to itself and to me. That she is so skillfully present is a rare and true gift.

Zebee V

I was a complete novice to massage 3 years ago and now look forward to the relaxation, calm and rejuvenation I feel when I visit Linda. She is a professional from the very beginning and interested in what concerns you have; she works with you if you have particular areas that need particular attention. Linda has amazing empathy with her clients, is proud of her profession and the help it gives. I always feel like a new person when I leave her. I cannot recommend Linda enough, she is a wonderful person, with a calm relaxed personality; I wish I could see her every day!! Book now ...

Liz B

What a beautiful massage! You are a gift Linda, thank you! You've created such a peaceful space, which is a reflection of your generous soul. What a pleasure meeting you today!

Deana B

I received a gift certificate for a massage with Linda Thomas--and what a gift it turned out to be! From the moment I walked into her spotless and welcoming space in downtown Rye, I felt pampered and at home. She ushered me into a comfortable massage room which had a bathroom attached (no awkward going down the hall in a robe to find the toilet.) As I climbed onto the heated massage table I found myself thinking, "This is nice." And then I didn't think much else because the massage that Linda gave me transported me to what I like to call an "altered state." I wasn't asleep, but I wasn't exactly awake either. I was completely relaxed. I felt I was in competent hands, literally. Not only that, but I just felt so cared for by Linda's attentive massage style. And after it ended (and believe me, I was sorry when it did), I felt so relaxed, refreshed, and peaceful. This was one of the most excellent massages I have ever had! Linda is a kind, calm, and giving therapist, and once you've had a massage with her, I'm sure you will go back for more.

Andrea A

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