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April 2021

A year has passed and I'm happy to say I'm now fully vaccinated, as are most of my clients. It's not a requirement to come for treatment though and we will continue to take the same precautions no matter what your vaccination status.

I always leave an hour between the end of one client’s appointment and the start of the next. This gives me time to replace everything on the massage table, including the blankets, with clean linens, and to clean the bathroom and replace hand towels and wash cloths. I also sanitize all surfaces and open the windows to air out the room. I have air filtration and a fan running constantly.

I see many clients who are going through cancer treatment, have chronic health conditions or are otherwise immunocompromised. In order to protect them and everybody else who comes here, please stay home if you have any signs of illness at all. It’s never a problem to reschedule your session.

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