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Infant & Pediatric Massage

Massage is wonderfully beneficial for babies and children of all ages. We take a unique approach - our pediatric massage is not just a cut-down version of an adult massage, but a customized session designed to meet the specific needs of your child. It may involve movement and stretching on the floor, shiatsu techniques on the massage table or reflexology in a reclining chair. For older children with sports injuries, more traditional massage techniques might be suitable. For younger children who are coming to massage for the first time, it might be more appropriate to incorporate stories and tactile play objects. A parent or guardian is always present with the aim being to observe the session and continue the work at home. Questions and dialogue are very much encouraged throughout the session, and afterwards through phone calls and email.

Please call for more information and to talk about how massage might help your child.

Special thanks to Jo at Jo Bryan Photo Art for the beautiful pictures.

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